Do you need to attract new clients and sales to your business each month?

Proud Agent can help you hit your sales targets with...

A Dedicated AdWords Agent

We provide you with your very own dedicated AdWords agent who you are able to arrange meetings with to discuss your monthly sales goals. Our AdWords agents are Google certified. 

Keyword Targeting

We research and target the most appropriate keywords for your particular business and do our best to ensure that you attract visitors to your website that are most likely to convert into customers for you. 

Additional Adspend

With each package that Proud Agent offer (as seen below) you have the option to add extra ad spend to your monthly Google Adwords budget. This will enable you to attract even more clicks to your website each month.

Money Saving

Proud Agent will help you to spend your advertisement budget effectively and efficiently. We optimize your campaigns to minimize your cost per acquisition as much as possible so you can acquire quality leads and sales to your business for the cheapest possible price. You also save a thousands of pounds that would have been wasted trying to figure out how to use Google AdWords yourself or worse still; hiring an untrained cowboy to carry out the work instead of a Proud Agent.  

Conversion Tracking

We do not just send visitors to your website each month and hope that it converts well. We actually perform ongoing conversion tracking which means we are constantly improving how well your AdWords campaigns are performing and making adjustments to ensure that you achieve the best results possible. We will learn exactly what images, wording, colors etc convert best for you into sales and we will use this information accordingly to help bring you in more sales each month.

Dedicated Support Team

Feel free to contact our transparent support team during our working office hours of 9-5 GMT Monday-Friday or book an appointment to speak to us if and when you need any additional personalized support. 

Professionally designed website

You don't even need your own website, our design team will prepare an AdWords ready website on your behalf. This will allow us to quickly and easily make changes to the site month on month to help us improve sales to to your business.

Time Saving

Marketing your business and acquiring new customers is an essential part of your companies growth. Proud Agent puts this on auto-pilot for you, saving you and increasing the overall productivity of your business. This means you now have more time to concentrate on serving your clients more effectively.
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